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Try Changing Attitudes Rather Than The Decor

“We have totally changed the working environment in our bank to make it cooler and more attractive to the top talent who would otherwise join Amazon, Facebook or Google" is a line I hear all too often from top executives of incumbent financial service firms. It’s a bit optimistic. Even if they’ve bought some trendy furniture, for many in the hacker/Gen-Y talent pool these gigantic companies still look as stuffy and bureaucratic as a government department. ... READ MORE


Nadeem Shaikh speaking & judging at StartmeupHK Venture Forum

Nadeem Shaikh is participating as speaker and judge in the Hong Kong govt supported StartmeupHK Venture Forum, a startup initiative whose objectives are to connect all stakeholders in the startup community locally and around the world; and to promoting the city as the world's fastest growing Startup ecosystem. ... READ MORE


The highly successful and seasoned professionals of Anthemis collectively have over 250 years of deep operational experience in payments, banking and financial infrastructure. We're able to attract such exceptional talent by virtue of our ambition and clarity of vision combined with an innovative business model.