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Founded in 2010, Anthemis is at the center of a vibrant ecosystem of startups and financial institutions dedicated to reinventing financial services for the digital world. We are committed investors, thoughtful advisors, active conveners, and dedicated problem solvers who share a passion for technology and a belief in the transformative power of digital financial services.









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December 14, 2017 in Featured, Highlights, In the News

Quartz: We’ve Been Structuring Brainstorm Sessions All Wrong

In this Quartz article, Anthemis Founder and President Amy Nauiokas underlines the importance of cognitive diversity. She reveals how encouraging divergent thinking within…
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September 15, 2017 in Featured, Highlights, In the News

Fast Company: The SoFi Sex Scandal Highlights How Hard It Is For Women In Fintech

In order to tackle the diversity deficit in financial services, Anthemis Founder and President Amy Nauiokas says "we need to hire differently, and…
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September 14, 2017 in Featured, Highlights, In the News

American Banker: Collaboration In, Disruption Out At Finovate

American Banker's Penny Crosman sat down with Anthemis Founder and CEO Nadeem Shaikh to discuss changes in the financial services industry over the…
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September 8, 2017 in Featured, Highlights, In the News

International Banker: Why Banking Needs Digital Leadership

Anthemis' Samantha Ghiotti recently penned an article for International Banker, in which she explains how leadership needs to transform for the digital age.…
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