Our Vision

Over the next decade and beyond, a tremendous opportunity exists to profit from the emergence of a new paradigm in financial services and markets.

Disruptive new business models, products and services – enabled by exponential improvements in technology – are fundamentally challenging incumbent firms and market structures. These new approaches are driving a reconfiguration of the financial industry and the structure of many markets within the wider economy.

Incorporated in September 2010, Anthemis Group was conceived as the ideal platform upon which to leverage the founders‘ previous investments, networks and vision to drive disruptive innovation in financial services.

Our ambition is to build the world’s first “digitally native” financial services group: an ecosystem of complementary companies and businesses uniquely adapted to profit from the emerging competitive landscape of the Information Economy.

Re-inventing the production and distribution of financial products and services by marrying patient long-term growth capital with expert operational and strategic advice, Anthemis seeks to create wealth for all our stakeholders. Anticipating and catalyzing change, we align both financial and intellectual capital in support of entrepreneurs who are shaping the new industry paradigm.

Ours is an innovative, robust and efficient approach to building a high-tech, high-growth financial services group from the ground up.

Our strategy is optimized to ensure that Anthemis retains the entrepreneurial hunger and energy needed to build and grow businesses that are natively adapted to the digital economy of the 21st century.