Anthemis intends to set up a foundation focused on supporting initiatives that promote financial literacy, open and free markets and access to ICT, while encouraging entrepreneurs – especially women – amongst less privileged communities, particularly in Africa and the Indian sub-continent.

This initiative is aligned with our investment philosophy and complements our commercial activities. We are motivated by our belief in the transformative power of information and communication technologies and the fundamental importance of financial services to free and help economies prosper. Our intent is that a certain percentage of the revenue and/or profits of Anthemis will automatically be donated to the foundation and that, over time, the Foundation will be able to tap into our skills and networks, in particular with respect to funding and developing social venture capital projects within the Foundation’s areas of focus.

Obviously, in order to succeed in this, we need to first succeed in building Anthemis Group, but in the mean time we welcome your ideas and thoughts on how we might approach this project in a couple of years’ time.


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