We empower our clients to transform their businesses for the digital age, from fintech strategy to investments, incubation and talent. Our strategic hedging framework provides a unique methodology for engaging the organization, from boards and C-suite to operational levels.


We guide our clients to deeply understand and visualize what’s emerging in financial services and to build and operate a robust portfolio of options to hedge against their innovation risk. Specifically, we work collaboratively with our clients to uncover insightful patterns, challenge assumptions about their existing business, explore implications of emerging customer needs, new business models and technology. We identify and contextualize strategic risks and opportunities and translate them into a robust portfolio of options that enable business model resilience over time.

Investment Partnerships

Our dedicated Investment Partnerships team work with financial institutions to identify a unique investment thesis, establish governance procedures and create a joint team within which we collaborate side-by-side to establish, deploy and manage a custom investment portfolio. Our experience as veteran fintech investors helps us to source and invest in opportunities that drive strategic and financial returns for incumbents across all financial services sectors.

Anthemis EVO (UniCredit evo) is a dedicated initiative by UniCredit focused exclusively on identifying and investing in best-in-class financial technology startups.

Anthemis Exponential Ventures, a partnership with disruptive innovation and venture capital arm of MMI Holdings, invests in early stage financial wellness companies.

Anthemis Baloise Strategic Ventures is focused on powering the next wave of insurance and risk management companies.

Venture Partnerships

We offer our clients a design-led approach to create commercially viable and investable concepts, whether they challenge or complement their existing business model. The Venture Partnerships team combines the expertise of creative agencies with that of business savvy entrepreneurs to enable organizations to systematically incubate new businesses and business lines.

Clients include:
MMI Holdings

Digital Culture & Talent

Our Digital Culture team works with clients on all aspects of a company’s most important assets: its people. Our partnership with global technology recruitment firm, Erevena, provides access to the best talent around the world in digital financial services and its adjacent sectors. Beyond immediate team-building requirements, we also create and implement hiring and retention plans that explore desired organizational competencies and skills profiles.


Erevena are headhunters working with high growth and established companies going through a technology-driven transformation.

Additionally, we help clients to design for innovation culture – taking a systemic approach to scaling innovation DNA – from defining the innovation practices and enabling structures, to the necessary human capabilities to realize the organizational capacity to evolve the business over time and to remain resilient in the face of change.