Anthemis Group is re-inventing finance.

We are a diversified financial services group advising, transforming and investing in businesses that through technology are building better ways to provide and deliver financial services that meet the expectations of 21st century customers.

People, networks and ecosystems are the foundations upon which Anthemis is built.

We are a technology and talent collective specialising in the design and implementation of innovative business models and concepts in payments, banking, wealth management, capital markets and insurance.

We are building an ecosystem.

The anthemis platform connects and nurtures our ecosystem of complementary and vibrant emerging financial services businesses by providing long-term growth capital and expert operational and strategic advice.

We work with a diverse group of customers and partners.

From start-ups and venture capital firms to corporates, established financial institutions and private equity firms – Anthemis is catalysing and accelerating positive and disruptive change across the financial industry.