Anthemis is not a traditional venture capital provider.

We have a clear investment framework, both in terms of the sectors we invest in and the business models we believe are adapted for the changing economic and technological environment.
Our investment approach builds upon a strong analytical foundation, with an emphasis on understanding the long term implications of technological change. In particular, we strive to visualize how advances in technology will catalyze and drive economic and cultural change and how this in turn will shape the structure of the financial services industry and markets.
Our ability to do this successfully is in part due to viewing the industry from our unique vantage point, on “the edge”: at the intersection of financial services, markets and the broader economy.


We combine an outsider’s unconstrained viewpoints with an insider’s understanding.

If you think your business is well aligned with our approach, and you are looking for a strategic partner (not just a financial investor) then we would invite you to contact us explaining your business and why you think it would benefit by having Anthemis as an investor.

We would also encourage you to speak to our existing portfolio companies, which is probably one of the best ways of learning more about us as an investor and a partner.  We know its not always easy when raising capital, but we think that due diligence should be a two-way street and want to make sure our portfolio companies know what to expect when they come to anthemis.