Payoff engages it’s community at an emotional level, through rewards and the motivational power of game dynamics, offering people free tools to take control of their finances, helping them “win” by rewarding them for their financial progress.


Payoff platform delivers big data analysis driving personalized recommendations and financial archetypes through Scientific Advisory Board. The social aspect of the product includes sharing of dreams, the ability to tag friends in dreams, and the posting of accomplishments on your Facebook wall. Through it’s approach, Payoff collects extremely valuable data that can be used to offer customers targeted offers and relevant referrals, both for financial services but also for other goods and services.


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"Anthemis has a compelling and visionary view of the future of financial services. The firm has been an invaluable resource for Payoff and given their vast knowledge of the financial services landscape, conversations with Anthemis can start where most investor conversations leave off. Anthemis is also itself an innovator, so there is a strong sense of being on a journey together. I look forward to changing the game of finance with Anthemis." Scott Saunders