afb board director
Bento board director
Currency Cloud board director
PayPerks board director


First Data Corporation
American Management Systems


Retail banking and payments
Financial services innovation

Nadeem is Founder and CEO at Anthemis Group SA. He is a thought leader and practitioner of innovation within financial services and has an unmatched global network within both the startup world and the established corporates. Before founding Anthemis Group, Nadeem was President at First Data Corporation where he held a number of senior roles, including most recently as Head of the Financial Institutions, where he ran a multibillion dollar organization overseeing businesses in over 50 markets. Before that he led the strategy and technology arm at American Management Systems.
At Anthemis, he advises international financial services institutions on strategic innovation. He is passionate about supporting the emerging digital financial services ecosystem and to that end, is a dedicated mentor to startups at incubators and accelerators, like Barclays Techstars and Level39. He also serves on the Boards of afb, Bento, Currency Cloud and PayPerks within the Anthemis portfolio.
Nadeem has lived and worked all over the world and now resides in London with his young family. He also is the Board Chairman of CARE, Pakistan’s largest educational NGO.