Nadeem Shaikh


Bento board observer
Currency Cloud board director
Moven board director

Nadeem Shaikh is founder and CEO of Anthemis Group, a leading digital financial services investment and advisory firm. Before founding Anthemis, Nadeem was president at First Data Corporation, where he ran a billion dollar organization overseeing businesses in more than 50 markets.

An innovator who bridges the startup world and large financial institutions, Nadeem is committed to driving the reinvention of financial services. He is focused on identifying markets in their most nascent stages, and partnering with promising entrepreneurs committed to realizing a new model for financial services.

He serves on the boards of Bento, CurrencycloudMoven and Financial Planning Standards Board. An advocate of structural reform in education and healthcare, Nadeem is board chairman of the Trustees of CARE UK, Pakistan’s largest educational NGO, and sits on the boards of African social enterprise Access Afya and UK charity Prospero World.


First Data Corporation
American Management Systems


Retail banking and payments
Financial services innovation

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Nadeem Shaikh

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