We empower our partners to innovate their businesses for the digital age, working side by side to explore the future of financial services by investing in and building world-class startups and engaging with our thriving ecosystem.

Investment Partnerships

Our Investment Partnerships team builds world-class startup portfolios to deliver strategic and financial returns to our partners.

Backed by industry-leading governance and processes, we create a joint team that collaborates to design, deploy and manage a custom investment portfolio.

Our veteran team of fintech investors bring deep know-how and capabilities, from thesis formation, to deal origination, execution and portfolio management.

Clients Include:

Venture Partnerships

Our Venture Partnerships team builds businesses that challenge or complement our partner’s business models, yielding investor-grade returns and strategic optionality.

We combine design thinking with business savvy to incubate new businesses for our partners, matching world-class founders with stable capital and original concepts.

This diverse team of EIRs, designers, engineers and developers brings to life a thriving ecosystem of founders, industry experts and investors to build the next generation of fintechs.

Clients include:

Ecosystem and Talent

We connect our partners with a rich, diverse network comprised of the people that are transforming financial services to share experiences, learnings and opportunities.

Our talent partner, Erevena, works with investors, boards, and leadership teams to solve senior hiring challenges for innovative, high-growth tech companies and leading corporates.