Anthemis Announces Spring 2017 Fellowship Cohort

Four financial services experts selected as Fellows to transform business ideas into venture briefs with support from the Anthemis ecosystem

LONDON, May 3, 2017 – Anthemis, cultivators of change in financial services, today announced the fourth cohort of its Fellowship program. The Anthemis Fellowship develops the entrepreneurial skills of financial services talent for the digital and information age. As a testament to Anthemis’ goal to serve both startups and incumbents, the new intake includes Fellows with rich entrepreneurial and financial services backgrounds. The new cohorts each share an interest in being digital stewards for the financial services industry as it adapts to the Information Age.

“The Anthemis Fellowship is a launchpad for fintech disruptors and through the program we continue to see how the brightest minds in financial services are transforming the industry for tomorrow” said Nadeem Shaikh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Anthemis. “The diversity of backgrounds and nationalities further represents the truly global nature of the industry and demonstrates the magnitude of the challenges this group are tackling. We are delighted with the latest cohort and look forward to supporting them over the next six months.”

The Spring 2017 Fellows include:

  • Alex Ryvkin. Alex is the founder of AssetBar, a wealth and asset management business. Alex will explore ways to attract more traditional investors into the field by offering a set of convenient, familiar tools that increase transparency and lower risk.
  • Eva Berg-Winters. Eva is an experienced executive, with expertise across media, telecommunications and financial services. She aims to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by combining the best in class tools to assess risks and prevent and mitigate losses.
  • James Coombes. James is a recent graduate of Harvard University’s Kennedy School where he focused on the role of policy and business in growing sustainable enterprises. He is motivated by the social impact of decreasing bottlenecks and fees in the consumer finance industry and will explore a fairer approach to consumer lending in the used car space.
  • Hakim Mamoni. Hakim is a software developer and entrepreneur. He believes the biggest challenge for all stakeholders is how to establish a trusted flow of data. Hakim is building a digital identity network to prevent identity theft and unlock the value of personal data for consumers, merchants and financial institutions.

The six-month Anthemis Fellowship provides each Fellow with one-on-one mentoring from a group of seasoned entrepreneurs within the Anthemis ecosystem. This cohort’s set of mentors include Mike Adam (Digital Animal), James Haycock (Adaptive Labs), Julia Streets (Streets Consulting), Julian Robson (KidStart), Adam Wynne (Investec), Benjamin Wakeham (Pollen) and Tom Woolf (EdAid).

Stephen Howard, Board Chair of the Anthemis Institute, said: “Innovation happens when creative thinkers have the training, mentorship and resources to take risks that can advance change. I’m thrilled to help guide this new cohort on a journey based on Anthemis’ own bespoke, venture design process to encourage disruptive thinking. Each individual was selected not only as recognition for past accomplishments, but for his/her interest in being a digital steward for the financial services industry as it adapts to the Information Age.”

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