Anthemis Expands Advisory Business with Addition of John Egan as Director

By May 21, 2015August 12th, 2016Announcements

Respected digital strategist will further Anthemis’ position as the top innovation advisor for financial institutions

John Egan, the former head of innovation at Lafferty Group and a major contributor to the international conversation about innovation and the future of banking, has joined Anthemis as a director in its advisory group. As a core member of the Anthemis advisory team, Egan will help clients ranging from retail and corporate banks to insurance companies succeed in the information age.

“John’s voice and vision have had a significant impact on financial services for years now,” said Nadeem Shaikh, Anthemis’ founder and CEO. “He is a welcome and transformative addition to a team that prides itself on combining depth of industry experience with innovative, creative thinking.”

Anthemis’ advisory work spans strategy, portfolio services, venturing, and talent – and has benefited financial institutions of every size and type. The advisory team has more than 50 years of collective experience as change agents, technologists, and executives in every part of the financial services ecosystem.

“The team at Anthemis saw the future of financial services – technology-enabled, networked, and centered on the user – before almost anyone else,” Egan said.” “I’ve followed their work for a long time, and I’m honored to join them in their efforts to change the banking industry for the better.”

In addition to his work at Anthemis, Egan will remain an advisor to the Lafferty Group. Egan currently sits on the University College Dublin Innovation Academy’s board of study, as well as on the faculty of the International Academy of Retail Banking. He is the author of several popular books and reports on innovation theory and retail banking, beginning with “The New Normal: The Future of Banking,” a white paper Egan authored in 2012 that has since been downloaded more than 250,000 times.