2016-17 Anthemis Fellowship Application Now Open

By June 27, 2016August 17th, 2016Blog

The 2016-17 Anthemis Fellowship program is now open for applications.

The Fellowship is our effort to spot and nurture talent in financial services; to find brilliant minds and equip them with the right skills, experiences and perspectives to help them flourish in technologically revolutionised financial services.

Our intention is to provide Anthemis Fellows with the suitable balance of design and systems thinking coursework — while continuing to provide the freedom and self-direction we know participants enjoy — so that they come out of the program with a fully baked venture brief.

The best things about the Fellowship, like 1:1 mentorship, customisation of the program to suit each fellow and no-holds-barred access to the Anthemis ecosystem remain the same. Based on feedback from our ecosystem and Fellows, as well as to address what we see as a real gap in the entrepreneurship landscape, we’ve tweaked the program even further.

The key change is that the new Fellowship is shorter and more dynamic, lasting six months, from September 2016 to February 2017. The Fellow will spend most of his/her time in London focusing on an iterative and bespoke venture design process incorporating frameworks such as design thinking, lean startup methods and systems thinking to provide holistic approach to designing new disruptive business propositions.

During this process, the Fellows will have dedicated module domain experts to identify the maturity of their proposition and based on that, create a tailored, experiential learning journey for each Fellow. The Fellow may come with a well-defined business idea or may have identified a gap in the market or a need for which no solution has yet been created. Either way, our aim is to help them generate venture briefs and refine those briefs into design specification, business model and go-to-market strategy.

And, as in past years, should we feel that a Fellow’s proposition might benefit from spending time with a company in our ecosystem, we’ll help to facilitate a placement for an appropriate length of time.

This year we’ve increased our uptake to five placements. We are looking for a specific mix of individuals:

  • Experienced Disruptor: Comes equipped with past experience of setting up and running a business, not necessarily in financial services
  • Talented Explorer: Comes equipped with either a revolutionary idea or absolute mastery of a skill, like coding or design.
  • Visionary Change-Maker: Comes equipped with drive and experience in financial services and a revolutionary idea and needs our help to curate the set-up of their venture

At the end of the program, if there’s no natural fit for the Fellow within the ecosystem, they are absolutely free to pursue their path, no strings attached. We are simply undertaking this initiative to develop and mentor the future leader.

If you know someone who’d be a good fit and would benefit from the program, please ask them to apply at http://anthemisfellowship.org/. A limited number of scholarships are available.

If you’d like your company to be involved in the program, please contact us at fellowship@anthemis.com.