Anthemis Group Launches Anthemis Institute

By January 26, 2016August 12th, 2016Announcements

Anthemis, the leading digital financial services investment and advisory firm, today announced that it is launching the Anthemis Institute, an initiative that will bring together academics, entrepreneurs and technology visionaries to explore and shape the future landscape of finance.

The Anthemis Institute will be made up of a range of initiatives including: events and forums with academic institutions and government agencies; publication of research, white papers and books; and development and mentorship of the next generation of finance leaders. The aim of the Institute will be to lead a global discussion on the reconfiguration of financial services for the Information Age, a core tenet of the Anthemis Group thesis.

Initially, the Anthemis Institute will organise its activities into three main pillars:

  • Research: the research arm of the Institute will explore critical themes and structural changes in society and its impact on financial services. Carlota Perez, a British-Venezuelan scholar and Professor at the London School of Economics, will serve as the first academic-in-residence in the Anthemis Institute. Anthemis will also sponsor Prof. Perez’s research and work on her next book, a follow-up to her seminal Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital, published in 2002.
  • Education: the Institute’s education initiative will include deep-immersion and experiential-learning modules for financial services institutions, industry leaders and practitioners to learn about the social, regulatory, technological and industrial changes taking place in society and their impact on the future of financial services.
  • Fellowship: a year-long fellowship programme will provide training, mentorship and resources for a new generation of financial services thought-leaders and entrepreneurs. It will allow participants to develop their own unique contribution to the evolving financial services industry, either as scholars or entrepreneurs-in-residence.

In addition to select Anthemis partners and advisors, the Institute will comprise a diverse cross-section of academics, company founders, investors, futurists and other thought-leaders from technology and financial services backgrounds.

Sean Park, founder and chief investment officer at Anthemis, who will chair the new Institute, says: “The Anthemis Institute will explore the macro issues, challenges and opportunities related to the re-invention of financial services. Anthemis’ mission is to drive pervasive change in financial services via transformative technology, and the creation of the Institute will allow us to facilitate and lead the global dialogue on the reconstruction of the industry to better serve our global Information Age economy and society in the decades to come.”