Anthemis Group Launches Dedicated Ecosystem Development Team

By June 18, 2016 Announcements

Led by Partner Gavin Holland, Ecosystem Development Will Maximize Value Creation Through Driving Connectivity Between Anthemis Portfolio, Clients, Investors and Outside Industry Networks.

Anthemis Group (Anthemis), the leading digital financial services investment and advisory firm, today announced that Partner Gavin Holland has been named Head of Ecosystem Development.

The Ecosystem Development team will actively pursue opportunities for partnership and collaboration among all members of the Anthemis ecosystem, including Anthemis’ base of portfolio companies, the incumbent institutions served by the firm’s advisory practice, and existing investors. Additionally, Ecosystem Development will formally activate partners from the greater digital financial services landscape, including key thinkers, influencers, regulators and policy makers who can mutually benefit from active participation in Anthemis’ ecosystem.

Gavin Holland comes to his role as Ecosystem Development Partner after launching and leading Anthemis’ talent business, where he advised companies on recruiting, developing, and retaining world-class teams. In the process, Gavin has played a hands-on role in making connections across the Anthemis ecosystem that have already propelled its members forward.

Julie Chakraverty, Board Member and Chair of the Innovation Committee at Aberdeen Asset Management, commented: “In the few years that I have known Gavin and his colleagues at Anthemis, I have been really impressed by the calibre of individuals and companies in their ecosystem. The opportunity to interact with this ecosystem has been very valuable to me and the companies I work with. Anthemis is the epitome of a networked organisation and the most exciting collection of future thinkers in financial services that I know.”

Mark Roberton, Founder of the Anthemis Foundry Home Finance business, said: “The Fintech ecosystem has evolved remarkably in the three years I have been involved – more participants, more business models, more interaction between incumbents and startups. As an entrepreneur, this represents opportunity, but also makes building a business a challenge. The Anthemis Ecosystem has been my guide. Gavin and his team not only introduced me to my eventual co-founders but also set up meetings with high street banking partners and regulatory advisors. The Anthemis Ecosystem has helped us to accelerate the launch of our business and as such represents a clear value added differentiator for Anthemis.”

Sean Park, Founder and Anthemis Chief Investment Officer, added: “We have believed since launching Anthemis that the collective brilliance of the people in our ecosystem is a privilege for us to enjoy and have been working hard to determine how to harness its power to benefit all within it. Establishing a dedicated Ecosystem Development team is our way of formalising this commitment.

“As a partner in the firm for the past three years, Gavin has built strong relationships with many of our ecosystem members, so it is natural that we would extend his role and give him more runway to do the job he has already begun with great success.”