Bringing On-Demand Insurance to Life with Trōv

By April 29, 2016August 24th, 2016Blog

One of the benefits of placing early bets on promising startups is the opportunity not just to witness companies come into their own, but to be standing with them, shoulder-to-shoulder, as it happens.

At Anthemis, we recently participated in two follow-on investments with companies we feel as strongly about today as we did back when we wrote our first checks.

We’re excited to be a part of Trov’s Series C round, announced today, as Scott Walcheck and team launch the world’s first on-demand insurance for single items. Anthemis’ track record of picking successful insurance startups goes back to one of our very first investments, Climate Corp, well before “insurtech” was a word. (Don’t get me started on “fintech.”) We look forward to continuing to support Trov as they redefine the consumer insurance category around the world.

You may have also seen the recent news of our follow-on investment in Betterment. We participated in their $100mm Series E financing last month. Anthemis’ early and continued support of Betterment is another great example of our ability to spot companies that aren’t merely putting new, shiny marketing wrappers on broken business models, but who bring truly disruptive, digitally native ways of approaching financial services. It’s this philosophy that has made us one of the earliest and most successful investors in our space and which, I believe, sets us apart from other firms.

Congrats, Trov and Betterment! Here’s to an exciting 2016 and beyond.