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Anthemis has spent more than a decade partnering with and working alongside entrepreneurs with ambitious visions to imagine the future. Through our diverse team of technology & product designers, marketers, engineers, operators and robust ecosystem connectivity, concept stage and pre-seed companies can draw on our expertise for an accelerated path to launch products and build businesses.

Our Venture Studio team builds businesses that complement our partners’ business models and visions, yielding investor-grade returns and strategic optionality. We combine our expertise to launch new businesses with founders.

Our latest Partnership:

Venture Studio Portfolio

Addition Wealth (Logo)
Cledara (Logo)
Clutch Wallet (Logo)
DwellWell (Logo)
greenspark (Logo)
Flyby (Logo)
ohalo (Logo)
Pile (LOGO)
stepex (Logo)
swaypay (Logo)
upkeep (Logo)
zevie (Logo)