Anthemis uses rigorous design thinking to build new, venture-backed businesses. We work in the white space where companies do not yet exist alongside entrepreneurs with ambitious visions to imagine the future.

Active Companies

The Venture Partnerships team works with partners to create new businesses in sub-sectors of financial services, including insurance and banking. We also create companies that challenge the current definition of finance by exploring where it intersects with adjacent sectors to anticipate market shifts.

Monax is a platform to build legal products for tomorrow’s businesses. By combining blockchains and systems of smart contracts, the tools we create unlock enormous potential for users.

Status: Series A (Equivalent)

Ohalo automates data governance. Ohalo helps companies discover sensitive personal data and track data lineage across all of their data assets for regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Status: Seed

Kindur is on a mission to reimagine financial wellness in retirement. Our customers face replacing their income, making savings last, electing social security and planning for health care needs.

Status: Series A

Cledara helps tech startups buy, manage and cancel their software subscriptions and streamline any other recurring or one-off purchases. This gives companies real time visibility over what is being purchased, who is buying it, why it’s needed and how much it costs.

Status: Pre-Seed

Stepladder aims to give people the power to live sustainable and rewarding lives by breaking the taboo around money and make the savings experience social, starting with the aspiration of homeownership.

Status: Pre-Seed

Venture Partnerships

Our Venture Partnerships team builds businesses that challenge or complement our partners’ business models, yielding investor-grade returns and strategic optionality. We combine design thinking with business savvy to incubate new businesses for our partners, matching world-class founders with stable capital and original concepts. This diverse team of EIRs, designers, engineers and developers brings to life a thriving ecosystem of founders, industry experts and investors to build the next generation of fintechs.

Clients include: