Addition Wealth

In 2021, ‘The Great Resignation’ had one of the biggest impacts on the modern day workforce. Americans quit jobs at a record pace during Q2 2021, employers transitioned to remote-first strategies and workers searched for higher salaries and better benefits. With a renewed focus on employee wellness due to COVID-19, understanding employees’ sources of stress has become an increasing priority for employers. Currently, concern about their finances is the number one source of stress for 58 percent of employees and, according to PwC’s 2021 Employee Financial Wellness Survey, 87 percent of employees want help with finances. This has resulted in an opportunity for B2B solutions targeted towards financial health-conscious employers.

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Enter Addition Wealth — a holistic financial health platform that empowers employees to make smart, informed financial decisions. By taking a tech-forward approach that combines digital tools, community events, expert content and access to financial professionals, Addition is making personalized financial expertise inclusive and accessible for all employees. Addition partners with forward-thinking employers to help employees make the most of their money.

Joining forces with NYCA, Core Innovation Capital, Fin Venture Studio and an impressive group of angel investors that have built companies such as Acorns, Affirm, Betterment, and Revolut, Female Innovators Lab by Barclays and Anthemis is proud to be a part of Addition’s Seed round and could not be more excited to support the team. From our first meeting with CEO Ana Mahony, we were impressed with her financial services experience combined with her ability to build and scale a fintech company. Ana has worked across financial services and startups, including in M&A advisory at JP Morgan, Private Equity, the CFPB, Uber and Uber Eats for the past 15 years.

At Anthemis, we focus on investing in, growing and sustaining businesses committed to resiliency, transparency, access and equity. And we see a massive opportunity in helping employers build their financial health offerings for their employees.

We are thrilled to be supporting Addition and is looking forward to the financial wellness journey ahead!