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Equity in Entrepreneurship Report

A New Target for Gender Parity in VC Portfolios (November 2023)

Recent data reveals that in 2022, startups with at least one woman founder secured just 17.2% of venture capital funds, with all-women founding teams receiving only 1.9%*. Despite stagnant figures, there’s a growing push for gender parity within the VC community, accentuated by the pandemic’s spotlight on systemic issues. Some VC firms aim for 50% of portfolio companies to have a woman founder, but true gender parity requires consideration of mixed-gender founder teams.

In our latest report, Anthemis emphasizes the use of data and precise metrics to achieve equity and gender parity among founding teams, illustrating that reaching gender parity within a portfolio demands more than a 50% investment in companies with a woman founder.

*Pitchbook (