I’m willing to bet that you probably never thought insurance could be cool. Then again, unless you’re living in Sweden, Norway or Denmark… you might not yet have been introduced to Hedvig. Some people have always thought that insurance could be cool – well, the Hedvig team has proven it!

Hedvig is a full-stack insurance company that offers bundled homeowner, renter, student and travel coverage in Scandinavia. Their ultimate goal? To liberate people from unnecessary fear and give them a greater sense of freedom.

Here at Anthemis, we’re extremely happy to have led Hedvig’s Series B as they embark upon a new phase of growth.

Introducing Hedvig

Hedvig is taking a new approach to insurance that is about freedom and the ability to deal with situations where life does not go according to plan. The team has designed an insurance experience based on how people actually want help, and they are building an insurance company that people love.

Hedvig’s objective was to make their insurance terms as clear as possible, so that they can be understood by customers. They have removed the temptation to keep members’ money instead of paying it out: they take a fixed fee of members’ monthly payments, and then earmark the rest of the money from that monthly payment for any payouts that they need to make. That way, their members can get compensation immediately, and Hedvig’s claims team has no reason to underestimate or question a client’s claim. Today, Hedvig is partnered with global reinsurers Scor and Hannover Re. and insures 70,000 people across its core three markets.

Hedvig leverages artificial intelligence and APIs to automate many of the processes involved in insurance: quoting, pricing, claims and more. They also operate a policy of using surplus for social good – apart from taking its cut of what members pay in insurance fees, Hedvig donates excess funds to charities. Their premium service experience – including popular “concierge-like” services and effortless claims – is enabled by the Hedvig app, which allows members to record their claims directly and quickly.

Up for the challenge?

Hedvig was founded by Lucas Carlsén, Fredrik Fors and John Ardelius in 2018. Since then, that initial team has since been joined by a truly unique mix of exceptional talent and skills across technology, design and insurance. The combination of their creativity and customer empathy gives them an advantage that we believe will be difficult for others to follow. With $45 million in Series B funding, the rest of Europe is in the team’s sights. If you’re up for the challenge, take a look at the roles currently open.

We’re looking forward to working with Lucas, Fredrik, John and the entire Hedvig team, as well as the company’s existing investors, including Cherry Ventures, Obvious Ventures, Commerzbank Ventures and the many others who have played such a critical role in helping this exciting company get to where it is today.