In September 2019, when the global cryptocurrency market cap stood at just over $250 billion, Anthemis led Kaiko’s Seed round. At that point, we were already cautiously confident about the future of digital assets, encouraged by early signs of traditional market participants embracing this new asset class.

Today, less than two years later, the global cryptocurrency market cap stands at $1.7 trillion. In May 2020, the market cap was $2.5 trillion, a 10x growth compared to September 2019. There is no doubt that this asset class has matured to the point where it needs to be supported by an infrastructure that meets the standards of institutional investors. Kaiko is addressing these data and infrastructure requirements by providing a single institutional grade access point for crypto asset data.

Kaiko’s mission is to become the foundation of the digital economy by serving as a single access point for market data. Within the sector, this French startup has grown rapidly to become a leader, securing as clients major financial institutions, for whom it abstracts the inefficiencies and complexities embedded in the vast and fragmented universe of crypto asset data. Kaiko collects, normalises, stores and delivers transparent and reliable market data via its Live Stream and REST API, with which developers and traders can connect in order to build data-driven trading applications. The startup’s data services enable institutional market participants to access clean, standardised and reliable market data feeds sourced from over 100 spot and derivatives exchanges, and on over more than 90,000 currency pairs.

Having had the honour to follow closely the many milestones achieved by CEO Ambre Soubiran — who has become one of the top women in crypto — and her team at Kaiko over the past 20 months, Anthemis Venture Fund II is thrilled to announce that it co-led Kaiko’s Series A with Underscore VC and an incredible line up of new investors and existing funds. Sean Park, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Anthemis, will be joining Kaiko’s Board.

At Anthemis, we remain deeply committed to the continued expansion of the crypto-assets economy and its institutionalisation. Ultimately, investing in Kaiko is investing in what we believe will continue to enable infrastructure and expand the digital asset economy. We are all super-stoked to join Ambre and the Kaiko team on their journey!