Institutional Investor: Anthemis Goes Beyond “Conventional Venture Financing Remit”

By August 17, 2015August 12th, 2016In the News

In the pages of Institutional Investor, Jeff Kutler outlined Anthemis’ past, present, and future, taking particular note of our unique position in digital financial services:

Amid the crowd of investors flocking to financial technology innovations and start-ups, Anthemis Group wants the world to know, as stated on its website, that it is “not a traditional venture capital provider.” Who would want to say otherwise, especially in the space now trendily labeled fintech? Anthemis, though, backs up its claim with a relatively long history; incubation and advisory activities beyond the conventional venture financing remit; and personnel with diverse backgrounds.

Kutler hits the nail on the head. Anthemis sees the digital revolution in financial services as both profitable opportunity and urgent necessity. That’s why we go, as Jeff says, “beyond the conventional venture financing remit.” It’s good business – multiple revenue streams, each influencing and informing the others – but also good citizenship.

Founder and Chief Investment Officer Sean Park wrote extensively on the philosophy underpinning the Anthemis business model here.