Looking Ahead

A Note From Sean and Amy

When we started to build Anthemis, ten years ago, our mission and thesis were fairly ambitious. We set out to transform the financial system for the digital age by convening an ecosystem of incumbent players, entrepreneurs, market innovators and influencers. We committed relatively early to deploy human and financial capital diversely and inclusively. That had never been seen or done before. For us, if our hypothesis was right, the result would be a much more resilient, transparent, fair market system for all. Taking a look back at everything that’s happened in the world this year, we can all appreciate that our thesis, however prescient that it might have been at the time, is so incredibly relevant today.

Over the last decade, we have seen thousands of companies doing their part to drive change in the financial system. The pandemic has acted as a massive macro-accelerant for a lot of deep, underlying secular trends that have been developing for decades. Many of those are an inevitability as we transition from an industrial economy to an information economy. These trends include how we work, stay connected globally as well as where we occupy space. As we watch these trends evolve, take pride in the global ecosystem we have created and look to the future, we are excited about the position from which we will help continue to evolve this essential industry.

And with that position comes a great deal of responsibility. We often use the metaphor of finance as the nervous system of our society. Its health is crucial for building resiliency into our economy. Now, it has become even more pressing to make sure that we’re backing the right companies and entrepreneurs to ensure that this nervous system can support and include everyone. As we watch the trends in financial services interact with and drive impact in other industries including, big tech, healthcare and wellness, media and energy for example – a move from fin-tech and toward tech-fin, so to speak – we are excited to broaden and strengthen our ecosystem. And together, as we build resiliency, these businesses and teams will also work to counter some of the intrinsic societal negatives, like growing inequality, for instance.

We are proud to see that things we’ve been identifying for a decade – the need for more transparency, fairness, democratization and access in the system are starting to get the attention they deserve. And even more thrilled that a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in terms of who gets capital and who is hired is finally resonating in our space. We are hopeful as well that these “trends” will be here to stay!

Our Journey

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