Millennial is a State of Mind

By October 5, 2015August 17th, 2016Blog

If you’re anything like us, you have probably read 20 or 30 articles about what millennials need, and your eyes probably glaze over at the very mention of the term. But that’s actually why Anthemis is excited to share some of the great work that Sam Ghiotti and the team here have been doing through a new joint initiative we’re calling Always in Beta. AiB, which is a project of Anthemis and service design firm Claro Partners, is helping banks understand and respond to the needs of the 21st century financial services customer.

For the first iteration of this ongoing project, we brought together six banks (including BBVA and ING) to conduct field research and develop new business models. Our work brought us to cities ranging from Singapore to Dublin, and revealed that the shifts we often attribute to millennials actually run much broader and deeper than that – and have massive implications for the entire financial services industry.

We hope you’ll consider reading Always in Beta’s first report, which outlines the trends we’ve identified, their implications for banks, and the strategies for responding to them. You can read the full report here.