Moven Founder & CEO Brett King Joins Anthemis Group as Venture Partner

By March 3, 2015 December 17th, 2019 Announcements

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Anthemis Group, the leading digital financial services investment and advisory firm, today announced that mobile banking visionary and Moven Founder and CEO Brett King is joining the organisation in the role of Venture Partner. He will continue to be at the helm of Moven, the revolutionary mobile banking application he founded in 2012.

As a Venture Partner Brett will work closely with Anthemis’ global advisory business, offering its clients his experience and insights to source and structure deals amongst startups and incumbents, while also leveraging his extensive network to their benefit.

“Having worked with Anthemis as a portfolio company, it is clear that they are one of the most uniquely connected teams in the digital financial space today. Thus, it is only logical that when it came to me personally investing in the FinTech space that I would choose to partner with Anthemis.  I look forward to working alongside the team and their clients to further our collective mission”, said Brett.

Since Anthemis’ initial investment in Moven in 2012, Brett has been a core member of the Anthemis ecosystem, working alongside Anthemis partners on strategic initiatives and participating in the annual Anthemis Hacking Finance Retreat in Meribel, France. Joining Anthemis as a Venture Partner is a natural evolution of his relationship with the company.

Nadeem Shaikh, Founder and CEO of Anthemis Group added, ”Brett has always been ahead of most of the financial services industry in both ideas and action. We share a common goal of reinventing finance and are delighted to be able to work closely with Brett for the benefit of our clients.”


Brett King, Founder & CEO, Moven; Venture Partner, Anthemis Group

Brett King is the founder of Moven, the world’s first downloadable bank account, a four-times Amazon Bestselling Author, American Banker BTN’s Innovator of the Year (2012), the Host of the world’s #1 dedicated FinTech Radio Show BREAKING BANK$ on the AM Band and Voice America. His personal brand was recently voted as one of the Top 10 coolest brands in banking (Bank Innovation) and he was named “Mister Disruptor” by the Banking Exchange Magazine. He has consulted with the world’s top regulators, banks and technology companies on the digitisation of banking and payments, and has spoken to more than half a million people in 40 countries in just the last 3 years.

His start-up based in New York, Moven, is considered the benchmark in retail digital banking and customer experience today and has been labeled by Wired, New York Times, Washington Post and more as the “Bank of the Future”.