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Farhan Lalji

Farhan Lalji


Farhan is a Managing Director at Anthemis, a Guest Lecturer at London Business School where he lectures on managing digital organisations (or organizations depending on where you’re from) and the Technology and Product Expert in Residence at King’s College London . At Anthemis, Farhan leads the Anthemis investments into funds. Previously, Farhan was responsible for the BBVA & Anthemis Venture Creation Partnership where he was investing in pre-seed companies evolving the digital finance and banking experience for consumers and companies.

Before joining Anthemis, Farhan was a Partner at Rokk3r Labs, a global venture builder building out their international presence. He was also an executive at PeerIndex, a social media analytics platform that was acquired by Brandwatch in 2014, Yahoo! and various other startups and later-stage private companies.

Farhan holds an undergraduate degree from McMaster University in Canada and an MBA from London Business School. When he is not geeking out on technology trends and their impact on society he’s listening to old school hip hop and watching or reading about NBA basketball.


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