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Katie Palencsar


Katie is a Venture Studio Lead at Anthemis. Based in New York, Katie develops new, digital-era concepts and ventures with a focus on female-founded businesses. Prior to her role at Anthemis, Katie served as an interim executive for an early stage sports marketing & technology company, where she supported retired professional athletes on their investment opportunities, new business build-outs, and corporate brand partnerships. Katie was also the founder and CEO of Unbound Concepts, a tech company focused on metadata, search and sell-thru for publishers in the school and library market. Unbound Concepts was acquired by Certica Solutions. Her passion lies in bringing new businesses and products to market, as well as increasing access to capital and support for female founders. She recently advised on state legislation for investment in female and minority-owned businesses that was successfully passed in 2019.

Katie graduated from Drexel University with a master’s in instruction. She is a recipient of the Outstanding Alumni Educator Award from the Drexel School of Education and the General Electric Alva 99u Emerging Innovator Award. Her guilty pleasures include investigative journalism, an icy Mexican Coca-Cola and anything Madonna.


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