Samantha Ghiotti


Samantha is a Partner at Anthemis Group, where she leads the enterprise business development, bringing a unique blend of executive, entrepreneurial and deal-making experience to the firm.

As the founder of Anthemis’ Advisory business, she has developed and grown strategic relationships with leading financial institutions providing investments, venturing and insights. She currently sits on the board of Anthemis’ strategic investment vehicles. She is an active supporter of the diversity and inclusion agenda and passionate about education. She is on board of the Multi Academy Trust for Exponential Learnings.

Prior to joining Anthemis, Samantha held senior commercial and digital positions in some of the world’s largest financial institutions including the Royal Bank of Scotland, American Express and First Data. She holds a master degree at the London School of Economics and has previously served as an advisor to Singularity University and the ESCP Business School.


First Data Corporation


Strategic Innovation
Retail Financial Services

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