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Vinay Singh

Vinay Singh


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Vinay Singh is a Venture Partner at Anthemis.  Vinay has spent his entire career at the intersection of media, finance, and technology and is passionate about empowering creators and entrepreneurs. Vinay has over six years of early stage investing experience, in addition to many years spent advising technology companies.

Previously, Vinay was Partner and COO of Archer Gray, a hybrid media content and venture company. There, he led the firm’s venture investment and content finance divisions, and oversaw the firm’s operations and financial strategy. He currently serves as the company’s Vice Chair.

Vinay started his career at McKinsey & Company, in New York and Australia, where he focused on the financial services and media sectors. Subsequently, Vinay lead the corporate consulting division of Cinetic Media, where he managed an international client portfolio of growth-stage startups and media companies.

Vinay is also a prolific producer and co-founder of Small Coup Films. Over his career, Vinay has produced over 15 film projects. Vinay graduated with a BS in Economics and Systems Engineering from The University of Pennsylvania.


Archer Gray
McKinsey & Company
Cinetic Media



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