Seedcamp Founder Reshma Sohoni Joins Anthemis as Senior Advisor

By May 6, 2015 August 12th, 2016 Announcements

Anthemis is pleased to announce that Reshma Sohoni, the co-founder of Seedcamp and one of the pioneering enablers of disruption in technology, is joining the organisation in the role of Senior Advisor. She currently leads Seedcamp, the largest and longest-running pan-European Acceleration Fund in the UK, as co-founder and partner.

At Anthemis, Reshma will put her fifteen years of experience as an entrepreneur, senior executive and technologist to drive and enhance our global corporate strategy and business development efforts.

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“I’m delighted to join Anthemis. Sean and Amy were amongst the very small number of visionaries who spotted the opportunity in digitally driven financial services, almost a decade before the market did. The track record and geographical footprint they’ve built with their global portfolio from that early vision is truly phenomenal and reflects their prescience,” said Reshma. “Having known them and their values for nearly ten years, I’m very excited to be on board with Anthemis as the company.”

Reshma has been a core member of the Anthemis ecosystem since 2007, when Anthemis invested in Seedcamp, and has been actively involved in several strategic initiatives, including participating in the annual Anthemis Hacking Retreat in Meribel, France.

Her new position follows two other recent transformational appointments at Anthemis: in January 2015, former Barclays Stockbrokers CEO and serial entrepreneur Amy Nauiokas became Anthemis’ President; and in February 2015, technologist, author, and Moven founder Brett King joined as a venture partner.

“Reshma is a true blue disruptor. She launched Seedcamp in 2007, helping kick start the nascent European digital revolution by introducing one of the first accelerators outside of the US. Her combination of focus, drive, and tenacity will be hugely valuable to Anthemis as we grow,” said Amy Nauiokas, President, Anthemis Group.

About Reshma Sohoni:
Reshma is a Partner and co-founder at Seedcamp, Europe’s leading pre-seed, seed and growth stage acceleration programme. Reshma has previously worked in M&A and venture capital across B2B Software and Internet services businesses in the US and India. And she worked within Marketing and Strategy at Vodafone for several years.
Starting Seedcamp in 2007 was a once in a lifetime opportunity and one that she jumped into with a strong desire to help European founders realize global success. Last year in July, having been involved with 10,000 startups, 5000 mentors and helping scale 120 companies, Seedcamp raised a $30m fund with an aim of supporting a hundred startups in the next three years.

About Anthemis
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