How to Pitch Us!

How to pitch us

Some guidance in composing your email


Keep it short but informative: name and URL of company, what you do/what problem you solve, business stage, location, geographies you operate in, and a one-liner on why you are the right team/founder.


We prefer to receive this information in the body of the email. Attached executive summaries and pitch decks are welcome, but they may not get opened.


Include specific context as to why Anthemis is a good fit. Remember, our focus is financial services. However, we also look at businesses where “embedded finance” is an important part of value potential.


Underlying technologies, e.g. “blockchain” and “GenAI” are almost always “how” not “what” descriptors with respect to the market opportunity being addressed. As such, they do not need to be mentioned in your email.


This guidance is given in the spirit of giving every entrepreneur who takes the time to make us aware of their company an equal chance of being considered, with the goal of receiving a quick follow up from us if it is indeed something that fits our always-evolving investment thesis.

Send your pitch to: