Photo Credit: Hometree

While our individual COVID-19 experiences have varied, one thing is certain for nearly every human being on the planet: we are spending more time at home. For some, that has meant a desire to move; for others, investment in long-delayed repairs. While supply side challenges and a deprioritization of home security systems has impacted negatively on smart home market generally, consumers are more deeply motivated to remedy non-discretionary, counter-cyclical challenges, like heating, pest control, electrical and plumbing.

That is why we are thrilled to announce our investment in Hometree. Simon and the team are building the 21st century’s home cover platform in the UK. Hometree’s fast-growing customer pays a monthly subscription fee for peace of mind around their heating, electrics, appliances, plumbing, security and home automation.

Hometree’s customers discover products, sign up and onboard online. For added peace of mind, engineers can be tracked, much like Uber customers track their drivers en route to a pick-up. And Hometree customers enjoy 24-hour service and a no price-hike promise.

As home connectivity grows despite a temporary COVID disruption, so too will Hometree’s ability to intervene automatically on a client’s behalf, making home insurance an automated and embedded aspect of home ownership.

Indeed, the near-term Hometree tech story will build on its existing homegrown customer portal, online booking and tracking tools in order, eventually, to offer customers the comfort of full-scale remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Currently, Hometree’s care plans cover breakdowns and repairs to the critical infrastructure in a home – heating, electrics, plumbing, drainage and gas fires. The team’s commitment to highest quality customer service is bearing fruit for landlords and individual homeowners alike.

Today, much remains uncertain. But, with its tech-enabled home engineer services platform, Hometree is committed to providing customers unparalleled peace of mind at home this winter…and beyond.