REalyse was founded with the vision of transforming one of the world’s most valuable asset classes – residential real estate – by making it faster, easier and more efficient for market professionals to make well-informed decisions and give accurate advice.

REalyse provides all the data that UK residential property companies need in order to do the above. Its big data platform is disrupting the market by allowing users to access UK-wide datasets, going back 20 years, much more quickly, cheaply and efficiently. The company specialises in smart technology, real estate expertise, and independently sourced data (including house prices, rents, yields, demographics, market activity, economics, land ownership, planning applications, and debt) – in a user friendly and professional platform, suitable for the most detailed market insights.

The average professional can easily spend up to 40 hours per project, or 13 days per month, reviewing data and making sense of the market. REalyse, Anthemis’ most recent data & infrastructure investment, can cut this by roughly 90%. To find average yields, £/sqft, supply, land ownership, planning applications and detailed demographics, most developers use a handful of websites, expensive third party providers and their own time-consuming research.

REalyse gives immediate access to market data and demographics via a unique, user-friendly format, cutting the initial underwriting and due diligence process in half for faster deal flow. By pulling previously unavailable data sources, it’s proven extremely useful in assessing the viability of new proposals and obtaining detailed stats to match against credit decisions.

REalyse offers many unique propositions such as:

• An overview dashboard that enables investors, developers, consultants and lenders to understand sales and rental data by property type (flat, terraced, semi-detached and detached) and build type (second hand or new build) in any area in the UK, enabling quick access to trends in an area.

• Analysis of socioeconomic factors all the way down to the sub postcode by combining and modeling proprietary demographic data from ONS and HMRC.

• Filter by Points of Interest: how many bus stops, schools, libraries (or pubs), etc. are in the area.

• Access to owner information, flood risk level, land class, site coverage and dimensions for any plot of land in the UK.

The industry has been crying out for the same transformation seen across insurance and financial services, and by applying cutting edge quantitative analytics technology, REalyse is set to do the same for development and investment management, allowing users to instantly access UK-wide datasets.

As investors, we are excited about comprehensive solutions that address huge problems. We are proud to support REalyse as it offers a solution that brings the same transparency seen across the financial services industry into residential real estate.