The Evolution of Anthemis Group and New Leadership for Anthemis Asset Management

New York

We founded Anthemis Group in 2010 to catalyze change in a broken financial system and have always been clear-eyed about the scale and complexity of that mission. Real progress here requires a global movement and an extensible infrastructure for harnessing it: one that can drive financial capital to promising new models, develop human capital to foster institutional innovation, and cultivate intellectual capital to expand the boundaries of our collective imagination.

The Anthemis Group holding company structure, coupled with a balance sheet of more than $100 million, gives us the capacity to implement that theory of systems change. In close partnership with our holding company shareholders, which include some of the world’s largest financial institutions, we have invested in landmark research (like Carlota Perez’s upcoming Beyond The Technological Revolution), funded early-career fellowships, seeded category standouts via our balance sheet (including Climate Corporation, Betterment, and eToro), backed first-generation venture funds like Reshma Sohoni’s Seedcamp and Courtney Leimkuhler’s Springbank, and sustained a global network of financial services change agents through media and convenings.

The most developed expression of the Anthemis systems change engine is our asset management business. Established in 2016, Anthemis Asset Management has built, seeded, and scaled over 200 financial services companies. With $1.2 billion in assets under management, our approach to asset management – sector-focused, sector-backed, purpose-led – is a unique and vital input to our mission. Through it, we have partnered with best-in-class entrepreneurs and insitutions to strengthen small enterprises, democratize cash management, build resilience in supply chains, create responsive new insurance products, finance the climate transition, and much more.

As we have continued to invest in the capacities of Anthemis Group – including a first full-time hire to lead our efforts on intellectual capital – the distinction from the asset management business has felt increasingly important. In 2022, we began the process of establishing Anthemis Asset Management as a standalone legal entity and a flagship holding of Anthemis Group that could exist independently and sustainably. We are overjoyed that this work is now complete.

As an independent entity, Anthemis Asset Management must have independent leadership and it is with great pleasure that we announce Harry Harrison as CEO of Anthemis Asset Management. Harry is a longstanding member of the Anthemis team who embodies our values and has three decades of experience building, backing, leading, and transforming global financial services businesses. Harry brings a clear vision for the future of financial services and the role that asset management plays in shaping it. His broad range of experience – from payments and capital markets to business banking and wealth – will help Anthemis Asset Management thrive and grow as a cornerstone holding of Anthemis Group.

With the asset management unit established, our longtime friend and colleague Briana van Strijp, who led these transition efforts as Group CEO, will be stepping out of that role. We’re delighted that Bri will join our Strategic Advisory Board, where she will continue to advance our mission. We are deeply grateful to Bri for her successful stewardship of this critical phase in the Anthemis lifecycle and for her work to systematize our vision and values.

We are profoundly excited about what the future holds for Anthemis Group and Anthemis Asset Management. We are sharing the conclusion of this transition phase just a week after industry benchmarks placed our latest flagship fund’s performance in the top five percent of venture funds. Earlier in May, we convened a jam-packed annual investor summit and announced the final close of what is now the largest early-stage fund in the world focused on female financial services entrepreneurs. We continue to rank among the most active fintech and insurtech investors in the world, most recently welcoming Flyby and Agreena to the Anthemis portfolio. And everywhere we look, we see promising entrepreneurs seizing massive opportunities at the bleeding edge of Embedded Finance – a paradigm that we fully believe is still in the earliest stages of possibility.

With so many important pieces in place, we look forward to sharing more fantastic news with you over the next few months.

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