ClimateTech, Data, Tech And Infrastructure
London, UK

Greenspark inspires and incentivises companies to take action on environmental and social issues around the world. At a time when consumer and employee demand for action on climate change and social injustice is at an all-time high, we’re giving businesses the tools they need to do something about it.

Our Impact-as-a-Service platform allows companies to create positive impact at key business touchpoints, track it in an easily digestible way, and then communicate it effectively with their customer base, site visitors, and other key stakeholders.

Through Greenspark, companies can integrate their systems in order to give their customers tangible environmental incentives throughout their store. Such as planting a tree per order, salvaging ocean plastic for every newsletter signup, or offsetting carbon emissions for each review left by customers. While our shareable’s provide engaging badges, widgets and point of sale messaging in order to effectively convey the companies impact to its customers.